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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 29, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> neil: the u.n. expected to vote for palestinian state. that does not mean we'll have a palestinian state. for first time in united nations history palestine granted the right to begin moving the wheels. that does not mean you are a country. it just means that you have empathetic folks. >> hello. i'm bowles with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino and brian kilmeade. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." >> eric: breaking news about the former president george h.w. bush. he is currentfully stable condition after being admitted to the methodist hospital in houston, texas, for treatment of a lingering cough. he is 88 years old and has been in and out of the hospital with lingering pull mo noir issues. your thoughts on him quickly. >> dana: good news today because i talked to somebody
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close to him on his staff and said he had bronchitis and they were worried that it might turn in to pneumonia. but he is doing great because the hospital staff is charmed. feeling better. wish him the best. >> eric: all the best. feel better. our prayers and our hearts go out. keep you up to date on the story. president obama had an interesting lunch today. governor romney spent an hour or so at 1600 pennsylvania avenue we check it out and found the practice is pretty darn common. look at the pictures. president obama with john mccain in 2008. bush and clinton in '92. bush and dukakis in '88. carter and reagan in 198. oddly enough, though, bob there was one loser we couldn't find. turns out mondale, '84, lost to reagan. no pictures. what happened?
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>> bob: we didn't like to menu dand sided not to go. we expected an invitation and never got one. we did. >> eric: c'mon. >> eric: never got an invitation. i went through every president in 1980 -- >> bob: you think we snuck in the backdoor? we would have gone and got a picture. >> eric: i saw reagan and carter. >> bob: what do you think happen? >> brian: i hear they should have got together but reagan never liked carter. >> bob: never. >> brian: that stayed true. cart and ford got to be good friends but not until reagan was in office. >> eric: what do you think? would you love to be a fly on the wall? >> dana: they invited him to the office to have a lunch there. afterwards i was nosey, what
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was it like? what did you talk about? he said everybody asked about, talked about what it was like to raise children in the public eye. president obama was most concerned about that for his daughter. a great tradition. and it shows the world we're made of better stuff than most people. >> kimberly: this is good. fiscal issues and crisis. >> bob: that is a good point. i hope obama would take an opportunity to try to get at least some republican support out of romney for something. on the fiscal cliff issue. >> eric: the republicans have come out. >> bob: maybe reagan could have got out of obama. >> eric: curiosity, do you think any lawmaker in d.c. would listen to romney? >> dana: politically, there is no reason to. i'm curious, look at the picture.
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not sure about the olive green couches. that is the first time i have seen those. they had white turkey chili. that is the very best. >> brian: at the risk of breaking up is it nice to meet together up a i think about the online book that says he has personal disdain for mitt romney and 85% of the ads that came out for barack obama were anti-romney ads. rather than anti- romney policy. i wonder if he says maybe you could have made it less personal. >> bob: good point. >> eric: vehemently disagre disagree. >> eric: do you think they talk about the negative ads? >> kimberly: i don't think so. both are campaign or super pacs weren't at the best. >> eric: yes, i did pay my taxes. no i didn't kill anyone.
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>> kimberly: i'm not against dogs, yeah, the whole thing. i like dogs. >> eric: i like twitter. that was the big thing. please roll the video. according to the reporter newspaper, president obama plans to do his annual wine vacation, get this, the dates are december 17 through january 6. so that means, while america is hurled head first off the fiscal cliff, the obama will spend 21 days golfing, body surfing and lunching to the tune of $4 million taxpayer dollars. you can't make stuff up. >> kimberly: that sounds good to me. >> dana: the reporters would have complained if they spent 21 days in waco. but 21 in hawaii could be worse. he said let's make sure we get it done before christmas.
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get it done on december 16, sign it, get out of town. >> eric: $4 million. >> bob: if he was in the bathroom at the white house it would cost $4 million. >> eric: december 17 to january 6. fiscal cliff hits december 31. smack dab in middle of this vacation. he snub hawaii, body surfing. >> kimberly: conduct unbecoming. he said in the last 30 days he got woke up in one debate. other than that, he is kicking it on the "the view." check me out. pinch with a limp. >> brian: i believe he knows it's his economy now. clearly. he goes on vacation. if this is done he is not body
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surfing. he knows he will be tortured and ongoing katrina. john boehner is frustrated after a closed door meeting with geithner. >> eric: brian's point, vacation is on because president obama knows he has a deal. >> dana: i don't think -- well, one, the present doesn't have a spending cut plan. why is everyone looking at us. where is your plan, sir? now the democrats are starting to realize wait, i think they are on to us. president obama sacrificed going to hawaii with his family. going to stay behind.
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they will fawn over him for not going to hawaii. >> bob: that happened last year. if you accept the bush tax cut last time. family went off and obama stayed behind. it's time so just accept it. >> brian: it is the same game. the house republican and the senate democrat and president is democrat. >> eric: i can't tell you how many shows i stayed until 11:59, live show for the debt creeling to hit or the government to shut down. government would shut down, 19:55 they fixed it. obama is say nothing, i need more. boehner is saying we are further than we have ever been. >> they know where they will meet in the middle. >> dana: i think they are
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farther apart than ever, actually. >> eric: you do? >> dana: i do. does it show you wouldn't -- >> kimberly: absolutely not. >> kimberly: bolling is the last to leigh the building and first to enter. maybe he doesn't leave at all. >> screaming headlines on fox this is not a game. clearly frustrated. you must be good in chess. you two steps ahead of everybody, what you just diagnosed. i manual you're good. the president is also playing -- >> bob: can suck up. >> brian: i usually wait for the breaks. but i just do things that threw me a little bit. the president would not go to hawaii if the deal is not done. he has the deal. that the republicans will sign. >> dana: if they were able to go, the east wing said we are going to hawaii, you bet
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ber ready. get the back pack. i think there is so much planning that has to be done. if you take the white house and go to hawaii, it's not just four of them and the dog. the press and the secret service. that's why they make plans. >> airport one and another cargo -- >> dana: the reason they are farther apart than ever. the white house used it against the house today. they are negotiating tactics at the white house. >> i'll take action -- >> you got me. >> here is the one -- >> i think you are right. he has -- he has a deal in his head. i don't think he can deliver cutting entitlement in the united states state.
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senate. >> dana: he can't do it by december 17. and he won't be able to leave on the 17. take the road show afterwards to explain how he will cut social security and medicare. >> eric: leave it there. coming up -- >> bob: we don't have to explain this stuff. >> eric: two lotto winners but what about the celebrities get in trouble. lindsay lohan is in handcuffs again. dajustin bieber is boozing it up. halle berry can't keep it together. we'll have that when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: sad day on "the five." we have didn't win the lotto. i don't know why. the up side is we all showed up for work today. two winning tickets were sold in arizona and missouri. nobody claimed the prizes yet but when they do, it could be a cash pay-out of
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$385 million. before taxes. that is almost $200 million apiece. that is the kind of math i like. big winnings. so not so bad. first bit of advice i have is sign the ticket. okay. photograph it. sign it. make sure you have witnesses. bad things can happen. right, dana? >> dana: what could happen? >> kimberly: someone else could take it and sign it. have the winning ticket an sign it and dana perino. people think it's yours. >> dana: that is devious. >> bob: somebody has their phone on here, because i hear it in my ear. >> kimberly: we are going to hand them all off. >> bob: if you are not married and you win this thing, and you get married, get a prenup. take it in a lump sum. don't do a pay-out. >> kimberly: don't get new girlfriends. look what happened to shakespeare he got the girl that befriended him and found dead in her apartment. >> dana: if you are in a
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small town in arizona how do you find a really good lawyer. >> bob: they'll find you. >> dana: we don't know who it is. >> bob: they come forward and get every lawyer in country. >> dana: don't come forward until you have a lawyer. >> brian: convinced after the series of events and the deep research we have done, we're better off not winning. happiness cannot be found being a millionaire. you lose friends and family. nobe is happy with you. pressure, you $1 billion and keep working for you. who needs that headache. >> bob: let me repeat what i said yet. i'll take the chance. >> brian: you will take the chance. >> bob: i think i could do it differently. >> brian: look at the celebrities who have million dollars. >> eric: thank you for turning the segment. >> brian: do they seem happy? >> bob: taking over the segment. >> kimberly: talk about the celebrities because we had a lot to say about the pictures up there. we had justin bieber, right,
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who has a little ellen degeneres hairdo. miss lohan. halle berry, who never looks bad. she is fabulous. the first problem is halle berry had a little domestic situation. brian you talked about that yesterday. out of place but you did it anyway. and you talked about how she has a problem from her house at thanksgiving. her little baby -- the baby's dad aubrey, well-known model took quite a beating at the hands of her new man olivier martinez. so now they want a restraining order. but if you ask me, aubrey got the bad end of the stick. he was severely pummeled in the pace like to the point disfiguring. >> greg: you get. this they want to move the france and the guy says i don't want to move to france and i have rights to the kids. so he gets beat up because of it. amazing. you think people with this money and this type of fame, with this type of -- these resources, the average person
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doesn't, they wouldn't down to okay, let's throw down and fight it out. it want to move to france. they want to pay $20,000 a week. >> kimberly: you should have seen what kimberly's boyfriend did to her former husbands. >> bob: you create so many problems in my life, bob. >> kimberly: you have no idea. >> bob: i don't know anything about this except france. so i read hit the morning. all these celebrities -- who cares? >> kimberly: eric cares. >> bob: i feel bad for the child. why do we pay attention -- put this picture of the etf up here. lindsay lohan. tell me that doesn't look like e.t. >> kimberly: just you. >> bob: no. do the one we had before. >> kimberly: whatever, bob. the point is she got in trouble last night. she was arrested on another assault charge. >> bob: she is a drunk. >> kimberly: at club called avenue. do you something to say about this? >> eric: i think what happens, most of the people who gain a lot of money and celebrity quickly can't handle it.
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once it starts to go away, they start to lose the public spotlight. the limelight. turns out they start doing crazy things. i for one think they do it so they can get back in the news cycle so they can get back on the cover of "inquirer" and "the five" will talk about lindsay lohan doing something stupid or justin bieber driving too fast. >> bob: she is a definitely alcoholic. >> kimberly: she a target. people know she has priors and easy way to get the cash. celebrity, troubled. half the battle is done. get in an altercation. say things to her and she is mad and frustrated and is 26 with issues. smacks to the face and cops are called and it's press internationally. >> bob: bieber was in a fight with his mother for jumping on him for drinking. >> brian: runs in the family. mom had a drinking problem and tried to commit suicide. sees the son doing the same thing but he is a multimillionaire. >> bob: the number of people with celebrities with family
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history of alcoholism is un believably high. >> brian: why? >> bob: they are extraverted and become good actors. if you're a kid and your old man is drunk all the time you cut deals and lie and do whatever it takes to get through a day. those skills you adapt. two things. you become politician or actor. two things you do. >> kimberly: go ahead. >> dana: what bob said was really interesting. that makes a lot of sense. >> kimberly: bob has been on it tonight. >> brian: he loves celebrity news. >> bob: he does. "the us weekly" guru. w >> kimberly: it was insane after we left work, packed packd with the bieberites. christmas tree lighting. mariah carey was there. >> bob: i thought they were here for us. >> kimberly: they're big fans of "the five."
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selo green. we don't have time to get this together for bob. we told you gor of rhode island taken christmas out of the christmas tree. tonight, bill o'reilly will have at him and we have a peek. >> you are not doing the right thing. >> i don't make anybody happy. >> you're not making anybody happy. everybody is unhappy with you. that's more where that came from. that's next on five five. take look at this. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare,
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and provided by unitedhealthcare insurance company, which has over 30 years of experience behind it. call today. remember, all medicare supplement plans help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay -- expenses that could really add up. these kinds of plans could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. you'll be able to choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. and you never need referrals. if you're thinking about your options, call today. when you call, request your free decision guide. and find the aarp medicare supplement plan that may be right for you. ♪ ♪ >> brian: some atheists think kids should be able to
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see a charlie brown production. it kid you not. next month students at terry elementary school at little rock arkansas were invited to see a stage performance of the holiday classic charlie brown christmas. apparently one angry mom took the tissue the arkansas society of free thinkers. especially though parents can choose not to send their kids, they could have stayed home with the class. meanwhile, the group says the trip violates religious freedom. if you don't remember, the charlie brown christmas, here is the clip. >> commercialism ruin my christmas. i'll take this little tree home and decorate it and show them it really will work in our place. >> the year was 1965. you were not born yet. i believe only eric and bob were. okay. i was wrong. charlie brown. this was charlie brown -- it's been a while. he wasup set commercialization of christmas. so he was fighting for the true meaning of christmas. kimberly, do you understand
2:28 pm
why society of free thinkers had to get involved or not? >> let me tell you something i'm for charlie brown. one of my best memory of christmas. it always look for the little tree that is lop-sided, and it always falls on top of me and it makes my kid laugh. why mess with charlie. it's iconic. doesn't ve have enough troubles in life? >> eric: trying to kick the football. >> brian: dana, is this out of control? >> dana: yes. i wonder what the home life is like for society of free thin thinker. fun at all? >> disgruntled. >> dana: do you sit at the dinner table and wait-up in it's skewed. i would like to ask them this. if their kids had a chance to visit the national cathedral in washington, d.c., st. patrick's here. vatican or a school trip, see beautiful architecture and learn about the vatican, would
2:29 pm
these people say they shouldn't able to go on the trip? >> yes. they are upset with the religious content in charlie brown. i think charlie brown, i think jesus. you, too? [ laughter ] >> eric: i think charlie brown christmas i think jesus, christ, christmas. but somewhere around 87% of americans believe in some form of christ, christmas. why do freedom from religion and society of free thinkers who represent a small percentage of the population get airtime? >> bob: if you have this setting and has blackberry on it disrupts. somebody does. and listen, free thinkers. think about the name, free thinkers. the free thinking here, they send a letter from the teachers home to everybody's parents and said you can go. you don't to go if you don't want to go. we'd like to have the opportunity to go and see a
2:30 pm
production. who are the people doing. get a life. go buy a barge. >> brian: everybody at the table agrees. i'm given a layup. >> dana: nothing unites americans like charlie brown. >> brian: no kidding. get the table fractured like it belongs going to scene of bill o'reilly's show based on true story. involving the governor of rhode island lincoln chaffey who decides to call at it holiday tree not a christmas tree. here is a little interaction. >> the polls show 90% of americans celebrate christmas, and they want to call at it christmas tree. you are in the minority. you are imposing your will. >> i don't make anybody happy. >> i know. you're not making anybody happy. everybody is unhappy with you. atheists want you to burn the holiday tree. burn it. >> you know i'm right.
2:31 pm
you know i'm right in your heart. >> your show, fox news, you're too angry. >> i'm not angry, governor. look, i'm a happy guy. i want our traditions to be respected. >> great communicator. >> you're so angry. >> i'm not angry! >> bill o'reilly dismantled an atheist. >> good tv. >> eric: great tv. i can't wait to see this. honestly, i just don't get it. this governor calls himself independent. this is a christmas tree. stop. >> i admire him for going on o'reilly in a way. if i were the press person, why bother? >> i don't know if he has a press person. who would take that job? >> who wants to sign up for that. >> by the way, o'reilly is a happy man. that's what he said. i'm a happy man! >> i would not want to be on the other side of that.
2:32 pm
>> chaffey is in a tough spot. >> dana: why? he put nims the middle of it. tight spot. >> bob: the previous governor had the same thing. he went with the previous governor. >> this isn't a guy you should be sympathizing with and lining up behind. >> dana: the best part of o'reilly was? did you see jesse waters ear must haves. he wore them in rhode island. they were big. >> brian: big ear must haves? >> dana: yes. check it out online. >> bob: get us out of here, please. >> brian: i will. governor, i still think you're right. i think his dad would have beenup set with him. >> dana: don't bring your dad in to this. >> kimberly: bob produces you. >> bob: producing the whole show.
2:33 pm
>> -->> brian: you are looking for love, an entrepreneur has a way to get a date, right away, at the airport while you wait. that's how dana perino found her husband. >> dana: that is not exactly true. >> kimberly: met her at the airport. >> bob: shuttle flight. 20 minutes long. ♪ ♪ breaking new♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. the lexus december to remember sales event is on.
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i'm bret baier in washington. big story here, civil war in syria. how involved the u.s. might become. tonight, someone is cutting internet and cell phone service. publicly denying any change, the administration officials are reportedly considering expansion of the u.s. role in conflict.
2:38 pm
boehner said he is disappointed that tim geithner didn't have a specific list of spending cuts today. are we in hard ball part of negotiating. they had a closed door hearing on physical facilities and talk about september attack in libya and the 1998 bombings in east africa. "special report" at washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now have back to "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: we got a couple of things to straighten out here from before, which we are going to get to. there is good news for christmas travelers who are single. a new dating website that can find you a date at the terminal. it's called meet at the what you do is type in your departure airport and your
2:39 pm
personal interests, then you get matched with a traveler with similar flight plans and life plans. is this just a glorified hookup site? or do you think this is a place to meet someone? >> bob: this is like back page. >> dana: i was trying to think of the name of that. >> bob: no one wants in mile high club on this site. first, before we get in to -- let's get -- never mind. let's get back to the point here. it's true at this table our own dana perino met and got engaged to and married to her husband on a flight between chicago and dubuque. no, it was weird. tell the story. >> dana: i did not meet on a dating site. it just so happened, ladies and gentlemen an gentlemen this will get you hope to fall in love on a plane. love at first sight. flying from denver to chicago, chicago-d.c. i sat next to a guy who happened to be british and single and slightly older than
2:40 pm
me but very charming. told me a lot of jokes on the way. month later i moved to england and got married and we just celebrated 14 years. so it did not happen but it was not a dating site. this is different, bob. you are planning to travel this weekend so you could find someone laguardia friday night. >> bob: i met a women. she and i had, it was love at first sight. lasted between newark and washington. it was fine. >> kimberly: you didn't know each other's name. remember that time? >> dana: she gets out of the plane, i thought we were going to get married. she said what is your name again? i had a lasting impression. >> eric: 20-minute flight. >> dana: we don't travel as much for business anymore because we're here. but people in their 20s and 30s, they are working very hard, trying to build their careers and got to do that while travelling. so maybe this is -- is this a good idea? safest place to meet someone. they have already been through
2:41 pm
tsa. >> kimberly: i like to travel, i like airports and airplanes. they're fun. i like snacks. it's nice. you meet people who are interesting. >> dana: eric, do you like it or not? >> eric: i'm guessing here is how it works. i'll go to tampa and meet me there. the other person that you hook up with -- then snap you have to sit on a plane for four hours. >> dana: meet at the terminal. so you go to the bar. >> eric: so it is glorified hookup site. >> dana: how is that different from or something. you meet at the airport? the great thing they have been through security and you are free -- >> eric: they are not packing heat. >> dana: so you can tell them it's been great but i have to go. so you have an exit. you're not trapped. >> bob: the more i think about it the more i like it. it's agilerfied hookup site. >> kimberly: bob will do this friday night. >> eric: kimberly guilfoyle, single, gets on the site. guy meets her, she doesn't like him, where is she going?
2:42 pm
follows her around. >> kimberly: security! >> brian: half hour to board. however that flight is delayed then you are a stuck in a situation you don't want to be in. it started because group of people together and saw how people were interacting because they were in a similar circumstance. they thought why don't we make it easier for people. the true american entrepreneur spirit. now guy is making money off people. >> dana: people want to meet people. if you are on the road all the time it's hard. i don't think it's a terrible idea. >> eric: there is an easier method. >> kimberly: that was a derogatory statement. >> bob: it was a compliment. if there were 50 males and they saw in the airport, they would be thinking -- >> dana: je to -- >> eric: just go to the airport bar. >> dana: you can't get
2:43 pm
through security if you don't have a ticket. >> eric: if you are looking for love go to the airport bar. >> dana: but how do you know the love of your life could be at the next airport bar down the hallway and you don't know it. if you go online, you could find them. >> dana: you have to have a ticket -- >> bob: you have to have a ticket on this? >> brian: if you want love, go to chili's. >> dana: the best news about this segment i did is not a one more thing today but the third thing we were supposed to talk about apparently there is a funny graphic about the kind of dude a woman preferred. skinny. we'll talk about it. talk about it now. ruined my one more thing, now i don't have a one more thing. back to one more thing. coming up, attention drivers. do you want to know how to get out of a ticket when you get pulled over? bob has list of tips from a former policeman. stick around. we'll save you some dough. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] the humana walmart-preferred rx plan p-d-p
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gives you a low $18.50 monthly plan premium... and select generic hypertension drugs available for only a penny... so you can focus on what really matters. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. if we want to improve so you can focus on what really matters. our schools... ... what should we invest in? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers
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so they can inspire our students. let's solve this.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: a lot of you guys out there don't have any idea at the break, we found out what kind of man that kimberly
2:48 pm
likes. would you guys stop it? it's my one more thing. sorry. if you ever get a traffic ticket? you know how it feels when you see a light behind you. you have a sinking stomach and know it will cost you money. there are ways to get out of it. expoliceman wrote a book about this. he suggested -- write a book about, this i don't know. but he suggested that women can cry. the police may be sympathetic about that. man cries he is locked up. woman can show a little leg for example. >> kimberly: that works. >> bob: yeah. >> eric: money doe man does it,e gets locked up. >> bob: and cries. is there -- have you got count of a traffic ticket that way? >> kimberly: of course. i tend to sometimes drive fast. >> bob: i bet you do. >> kimberly: i love fast cars. i'm charming. sweet. the only time i got nailed was
2:49 pm
by a female officer. i knew it. i just went like this. okay. see you in court. >> brian: you put your hands at 10:00 and:00 so they don't get nervous. if it's night put on the interior light. >> kimberly: don't open the car door. >> brian: but other thing is you have to admit he's right. so he comes up to you, do you know you were doing? if you said it, you're right. >> bob: you took every one of my talking point in that statement there. let's get serious there. dana, you may be the only person that has not got a ticket. >> dana: the best way to not get a ticket is not break the law in the first place. >> eric: c'mon! >> dana: i have not driven in a long time. my husband has a british accent and that works. it's authentic. we for wyoming and driving up. had a relative sick and trying to get there kick. on those roads it goes fast. get pulled over. in england, you, yourself, get
2:50 pm
out of the car. so that is what he did. that's not what you do in america. there was almost a problem. but he got out of that one. three hours later he got pulled over again. >> kimberly: what is going on? >> dana: i'm in the backseat going mm-hmm. >> kimberly: why in the back? >> dana: my mom was with us and she was in the front. >> eric: couple of thoughts. new jersey state troopers pull you over and you get a ticket. you get a ticket. the other thought, coming in the lincoln tunnel four months ago i got pulled over bay port authority guys and he pulls me over and said i love watching you on the network. talk about gold and stocks. invest in those. he let me through. but in chicago, i grew up in chicago. this is how you know how corrupt the city is. pull up to the airport and paut ten or $20 bill in window, roll it up, park illegally the cop will come by
2:51 pm
and take the $20 and go on. >> bob: what is wrong with that? >> dana: remember when you drove the chevy volt for a week? you are more likely to get a ticket in a car that is not a greeny car? >> eric: the other day, new york city cop in a chevy volt. >> dana: that is what is happening. governments are buying them. >> bob: let me tell you other things you can do here. seriously. if you get a ticket, don't ever send it in and say i agree, i was wrong. contest it. contest it. 70% of the people get off because the cops made a mistake on filling out the information, which means they dump the ticket, according to police officer. show up in court. the cops never show up in court. >> eric: you tell the officer, i admit i was speeding and then you go to court and say i wasn't speeding? >> bob: absolutely. ought to show some respect for the policeman. you are right. don't roll down the window and say you pig. >> kimberly: bob! >> brian: i never would say that. >> bob: i did when i was
2:52 pm
younger. >> kimberly: that is not nice. you should have respect for law enforcement. >> bob: one more thing. >> kimberly: god. end this nightmare. ♪ ♪
2:53 pm
a hybrid? most are just no fun to drive. now, here's one that will make you feel alive. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v,
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a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
2:55 pm
>> eric: okay. now the time you have all been waiting for, find out from dana what women like in men. >> dana: this is going to be the one more thing turned to a seg me and one more thing
2:56 pm
again. this is interesting. kimberly has an opinion. it's about whether ladies prefer men who are skinny and have meat on them. thin over macho. turns out to the study, south africa, women are tending to like the skinnier guy. weight is becoming -- the waist is an issue. they like thin. what do you think, kimberly? >> kimberly: give momma the meat! i like a pan with meat on his bones. i don't want someone who is too skinny. i feel like i might break them. [ laughter ] bob, don't get excited. not that kind of meat. i'm in. oh, yeah. oh, yeah. >> bob: broken already. >> dana: bob, aren't you happy now that there is hope for guys who are not maybe thin? >> bob: thin waist. that's the reason i'm out.
2:57 pm
>> dana: but you heard kimberly. >> eric: brian, you're up. >> brian: i have to follow that? lebron james is best in the world next to kobe bryant but has a son on his way. check this out. doing a trick shot with his dad taping off veranda while his dad waiting to play that night. look at bromwich, bromwich james june -- la brom james junior. watch. >> oh! oh! >> there he goes. >> seven years old and hit the basket. one for four in the shot. >> dana: got a call from the recruiter today. >> eric: from the west wing of the villa. 12-car garage. >> brian: this is the kid at four years old. listen to this. he hit like ten straight free-throws. four years old. >> brian: >> do you have anything else? >> kimberly: taking this to fox and friends? what is going on here?
2:58 pm
in case you needed some more, write to me, ladies and gentlemen. >> bob: needing more time. >> eric: kimberly, you're up? >> kimberly: do we have any time left? look at this photo. this cheered me up today. nypd officer. lawrence deprimo, 25 years old. he has been in the nypd for two years an came across a hopeless man, one of the nights very cold here and bought him a pair of shoes for $100 at the sketchers score. socks and put the socks and shoes on this man's feet. who was suffering out in the cold. it was captured by another law enforcement officer who was here visiting from arizona. isn't that -- >> eric: it's gone viral. >> kimberly: they posted it on facebook. >> dana: i have seen amazing kindness from the nypd to people a hopeless man with altercation. they treated him with
2:59 pm
kindness. >> eric: move forward. we didn't get to a story in the story. dianne feinstein, the senator from california, decided to make a push from the left to bring gitmo detainees back to u.s. soil and closed down gitmo. important and dangerous story. supreme ruled that the detainees are the enemy combatants and can be detained. one thing. the second is do we want the terrorists with the american citizens in our prisons? we need to interrogate them. >> dana: a fourth, there was a law passed that says the administration cannot spend a single taxpayer dollars moving them to gitmo unless a change in law. i don't think it will happen. >> eric: they bought that camp -- >> bob: going one more time? you can keep talking about it. i was going to say is political, too. house of representatives, republicans got themselves organized for next year. they have


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